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jay final jp cover

“Kyle your book Jay Bubblebee was really good. Someday, maybe all of America will have read your book. I believe in you because you made me believe in myself.”-Jackson S.; Student, Elementary School


Written by fourteen-year-old author Kyle Dixon III, Jay Bubblebee “The Bee Who Started it All” is the perfect book to prove to children everywhere that you’re never to young to achieve greatness!

Once upon a time, bees were born with bubbles instead of wings. Wings were unheard of. Once jobs were invented, every bee had to make a choice: create its own destiny by keeping its bubbles or trade its bubbles for wings in order to work. Jay Bubblebee’s grandfather chose the bubbles. But Jay Bubblebee doesn’t get a choice. Since he is unable to work for the Queen, he must create his own path by becoming an entrepreneur.


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Designed by Kyle Dixon III & Tiara White